Health and Safety Response

As a fitness organization, our main priority is our community’s fitness. Therefore, we want to keep you healthy at all times. We have taken the public health crisis very seriously and we are constantly updating our health and safety protocols based on the latest information and data by our public health experts and local leadership.

As of December 28, 2020, our health and safety protocols are the following:

  • Individuals that are not feeling 100% well are not allowed in the facility
  • We have reduced and capped our classes
  • Each athlete gets their own 11 x 10 designated workout space and equipment
  • No sharing equipment
  • Increased cleaning of equipment and spaces daily
  • Contactless Check-in
  • Social distancing
  • Sanitation equipment at entrance and throughout the gym
  • Gym goes through a deep cleaning/disinfecting twice a week
  • Constant change of air filters
  • Total amount of people in the facility is capped
  • Doors are opened during class to facilitate airflow
  • Increased workouts outside when possible